Some healing in progress
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This is Dolly. She had pads and shoes to protect her thin soles. The soles rotted out alltogether. Now she is on her way to much healthier feet
Baby Boy had small contracted feet that could not even hold shoes. He flinched at every nail that went in. He has had a long road to recovery. It still goes up and down a bit. He moved to a better stable where he moves more and his feet are getting better and better.
Nokomis is a very big young girl with extremely neglected feet. First trim took forever and the dead sole crumbled out leaving a very overgrown hoofwall. Before this trim she could not travel without stumbling.
This is Beauty. She is owned by my friend Camilla. She trailrides a lot in boots. Beauty's recovery speeded up when she moved away from a stall situation
Hannah is owned by my first client and good friend Cindy. Hannah had very brittle tender feet. It has been a long road changing almost everything with diet and lifestyle
This is Fancy. One of those horses that had been forgotten by her owners. No longer of any use. She has know passed away from old age. I miss you
Snickers is owned by Nancy, Her bad feet came from ignorance and Snickers is now having a very good life as an old lady. She is a very sweet horse that lives with cats :)
This is Tequila. She is a mare that came out of shoes a few years ago. She is owned by author Herman Groman
This is Little Bit. He is owned by Steve Weiss. Little Bit came out of shoes a few years ago. I do not have a recent picture of his feet. They look even better. He was born to be Bare :) I will update this shortly
This is Land Marks hoof. He is a retired Race Horse that was sold to slaughter. He was rescued. His feet were awful. No heels. No Digital cushion and weak lateral cartilages. He is making huge steps towards healthy hooves.
This is Tuxedo. He was bought with feet like this by Lorri Owens. The X-rays are taken after Tux second trim
This is Sirocco's feet when I bought him back in February 2005 and the other photo is february 2011
Mark and Danielle's horse Joe had real bad feet. I expected very little improvment but so far he is doing so well.