Three clinics for PHCP were held in Las Vegas at the end of February, beginning of March 2015.
Power tool trimming
Booting and
It was supposed to rain but we got pretty lucky.
We had a great crowd. Jon ( CA ) Sarah Mae ( CA ), Karen ( ID) , Amy ( CA) , Donna ( NY ), Daniel ( France) Clint ( CA)
Three grinders working at one time proved to be almost too much with all the dust. But it was fun anyway. On Booting day Annie got new boots fitted for her hind feet. A pair of 0.5 gloves. Had to be a good fit because she had 7 people making sure they were perfect.
During the Anatomy we dissected hooves that had been trimmed during the Power tool class so some of the students got a chance to see how good their trims were.
After the clinics were over we headed out to Cold Creek and got to see a bunch of mustangs. It was cold and windy but well worth it.
Just a little too dusty maybe.
Didn't know Sirocco liked parsely
Sirocco is fitted for boots. These ones are the Equine Fusions.
So what really is on the inside???
Our Group: Amy, Sarah Mae, Me, Jon, Clint, Daniel, Donna and Karen.
Thanks for coming guys! Ciao
Trip to Cold Creek to see a bit of wildlife.
And here is the wildlife :)