First set up trim and consultation $75
$50 for set up trim if new boots are bought at time of trim.
Maintinence trim $50 at an interval of 4 to weeks
Easy Care Boots
Trail Boots $130
Gloves $155
Back Country Trail $179
Equine Fusion $220
I also sell Cavallo Boots

Does your horse's hoof look like this? Good for you!
....Or maybe like this?
Not so good !
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Slow Feeding Hay nets
This is something I canít recommend enough.
There are so many beneficial things about having such hay nets.
Many hours of feeding time cuts down on colic, Ulcers, Boredom and insulin spikes. It also keeps your hay from blowing away on windy days.
Slow feeding Hay net $45
Albadry, for thrush
Great small packages for thrush treatment with slim tips to get in to deep crevices. This is the best thing I have ever seen for thrush.
Albadry $5.00 a tube.