Snickers the paint mare
Snickers left front on june 6th 2006
Both her front feet on june 6th 2006
Snickers right front march 07
Left front as of march 07
Snoop is a very nice mare that was shod for a long time. She was shod all on all four feet. She is now barefoot and still competes with Cameron. She sometimes wears her Bare boots for tough trail rides
Wrong foot! This is black. But trust me this one is also Snoop's. And they all looked the same.
We took shoes off in march of 2007
She had very tiny cylinder shaped feet. Contracted heels high above the ground. And a non existing frog.
Hoofwall has become healthier.Heels are still too high but coming down at every trim. Less separation.
Heels are spreading out. This can't be forced. If lateral cartilidges are thin, heels cannot spread too much.
Coffin bone is sitting higher in the hoof capsule and counts for the shorter hoof wall. These pictures are taken Oct 27th 2007
Snoop is still on her way to even healthier feet but she is already smiling when she looks down at her feet..
Snoop had ups and downs but has been ridden the entire time of her rehab. She ended up with a lot of seperation in the hoof wall for a while.
It took a long time for Snickers to feel better. A year went by before her living arrangement changed. Now she roams in the entire backyard and she has horses behind a wall to keep her company. She is much happier. She was trimmed regularly on a three week schedule to begin with and now she is on a four week schedule. She still has ways to go but she is another horse from when I first saw her
Barefoot the right way
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