Hi my name is Ňsa. It's Swedish and sounds like Ausa.  I started out as a farrier but always had more fun doing the barefoot horses. I saw too much pathology in the shod horses and when a lady needed a barefoot trimmer I started to study again. Fell head over heels for it. I traveled around the whole country learning from amazing hoof care providers. I certified with AANHCP as a Field instructor and I attended as many Pete Ramey clinics as I could. I am a founding member of Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners which is an educational program and a list of competent barefoot farriers. A few years ago I was accepted by the American Hoof Association.
Sirocco has been barefoot since 2005. I thought that if I did everything right he would have "rock" crushing feetĒ in no time but I realized that even with perfect living condition (gravel paddock, herd environment and the right kind of food) I still feel he benefits from boots when I trail ride. That way I don't ever worry about where we go and how far we go. He is comfortable on all surfaces but with the added weight of a rider I feel safer knowing his feet are protected out there. We ride mostly out in the desert and do very little dreaded arena work.

This is Wolfie. Our Malamute /Shepard mix.  We got her when she was just a few months old and she is still going strong at 14 years of age.

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Boomer left us in July of 2015. He was probably the best dog that ever lived. I'm so grateful we got to share so many years with him. I miss him so much every day.

Pelle left us very suddenly in March of 2014. We got him from the shelter as an adult. We picked him because he didnít look like he would run from our dogs. He didnít and became good friends with both. Love and miss you so much Pelle.
Chris left me on July 8th 2016. It was the worst day of my life. He was hit by a car driven by Hailey Ann Fenton of Las Vegas. Chris was on his bicycle in the bicycle lane. She was busy with other things and drove in to the back of the bike. He died the next day. Chris I love you so much and I canít really live without you but I have no say.
Maja is our shy cat until she isn't, and then she will not leave you alone. She loves sleeping very close
Chris found Rusty behind a garbage dumpster. He was just skin and bones and very young. Chris took him home and we kept him because I always wanted an orange cat.
Beau was a replacement friend for Wolfie after Boomer passed away. He has been the light in a very dark year.